The Government Is A Big Place

Knowing Who To Target Is The Key

  • Who In The Government Buys What You Sell?

  • How Much Do They Buy & Which Agencies Buy The Most?

  • What Is The Spending Forecast For Those Agencies?

  • How Do They Buy? (What is Their Procurement Method & Contracting Vehicle?)

  • Who Are The Key Points Of Contact & Which P.O.C. Are Your Advocates?

  • Who Do These Government Agencies Buy From Now? 

  • How Do You Get These Government Agencies To Buy From You?

What Is RADAR?

R.A.D.A.R: Real-time Advanced Data Analysis Report. A GCG RADAR will paint a picture of your contracting landscape, show you the top agencies that purchase your products and/or services and pinpoint who your advocates are within those agencies. We also provide intelligent forecasting for the agencies who purchase the most of your products/services which will allow you to prepare for the times of the year that the government is buying what you sell. The RADAR will provide you with one on one time with a GCG Analyst who will deliver your report during a clear and concise consultation. Whether you’re new to the world of Government Contracting or have been in business with the Government for 20 years, The RADAR will provide value, guidance, insight and strategy for your contracting efforts.


Your RADAR Will Include:

  • Your Target Market By Agency
  • Your Target Market By Bureau
  • Targeted Points of Contact
  • Procurement Method For Your Targets
  • Your Competition / Subcontracting Opps.
  • Market Trends By Spending
  • Agency Forecasting For Your Targets

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How Does GCG R.A.D.A.R. Help Me Win Federal Dollars?

GCG RADAR is not a cookie cutter, run of the mill report. It is an intimate custom tailored data set, designed specifically according to your contracting goals. The GCG RADAR is a report that analyzes hundreds of thousands of government contracts and procurement actions specific to your industry and company. Our intelligence analysts will consult with you concerning your products, services and contracting experience level and then surgically scrub over contracting data from over 900 sources at the federal, state and local level. RADAR Data is surgically accurate and precisely informative. It is designed to reveal critical intelligence about potential federal dollars within your reach so that we can help you from an execution strategy to compete for and win those dollars. RADAR will show you which Key Points of Contact to target within your top agencies and pinpoint which POCs are your advocates. A GCG RADAR is your blueprint for success in the federal contracting arena.

Show Me The Money!

That is exactly what GCG RADAR does! RADAR tracks federal dollars from the moment the decision to procure is made, through the contracting process and all the way to its awarded status. Did you know that only 1% of contracts awarded actually make it to FedBizOps each year?  99% of all federal dollars are awarded in one of the first seven of the 13 total stages of the Federal Procurement Process. FedBizOps is stage Eight, yet most companies are led to believe that it is the first place they should go to look for federal dollars when in reality most federal dollars are awarded in the Seven stages of the FPP before ever making it to FBO. Don’t get left sparring over the 1% of contracts that make it to Fed Biz Ops each year, discover where in the Federal Procurement Process your federal dollars are actually being awarded with GCG RADAR.

I’m registered in SAM, but I haven’t won any contracts yet. Why not?

Don’t wait around hoping the government will find you! There are 600,000 unique records in SAM just like yours! Sure, having an optimized SAM and DSBS Profile can win the day and get you noticed – and you should certainly start there, but that’s not where your efforts to win federal dollars should end. SAM and DSBS are just the beginning and are passive procurement methods. If you really want to get serious about winning federal dollars then you need to take a proactive approach! GCG RADAR gives you the intelligence to market to the government with strategy. RADAR will show you where in the procurement process federal dollars are being awarded, who your top targeted agencies are based on which spend the most on your products and services, which contracting vehicles are those federal dollars being awarded through and just as importantly, who is winning those federal dollars now?

What Is Intelligent Federal Market Forecasting?

At GCG we have proven that timing is key to winning federal dollars within any industry. Intelligent Agency Forecasting for your market can tell you when the government buys the most of your services and products and when they are going to need them again. Being the first to present your targeted agencies with a solution which fulfills their needs will put you two steps ahead of the competition. Don’t wait for the government to search for someone to fill their contracts, bring the solution right to them, exactly when they need it!