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Contract Navigation System


12 Month Plan

The GCG Contract Navigation System is a real time database containing over 900 sources for public and private – local, state and federal contracts and opportunities. It contains real time information on upcoming, current and re-compete federal, state and local solicitations, NSN’s and FedBizOpps opportunities.

Why Choose the Proxity data Contract Navigation System? Because you have to do more than respond to bids!

You have to know the Government prospect as you would a commercial customer. Prices, Award History,  Forecasted Expenditures, B2B- Competitors and Contracting Officer knowledge is fed live from all 50 states, including all federal sources. The database covers more than 1,231 counties, 1,045 Cites and 804 municipalities. Additionally the Proxity Contract Navigation System contains the following types of information:

Product Description

Features & Benefits of The Contract Navigation System


  • NSN’s
  • FedBizOpps
  • All States
  • 1,231 Counties
  • 1,045 Cites
  • 804 Municipalities


Public Works

  • State and local


Chief Information Officers

  • All Military Organizations
  • All Federal Organizations
  • All States
  • 726 Counties
  • 903 Cities



  • DoD and Federal
  • All States
  • 726 Counties
  • 903 Cities



  • All Contractors registered with U.S.
  • 710,000 emails
  • Contacts
  • All Award history including NSN’s


NSN Data

  • FLIS
  • Tech Characteristics
  • Award History to 1963
  • 603,000 PDF drawings
  • Specifications and Standards
  • All Non- DoD Standards



  • DoD and Federal
  • All States
  • 726 Counties
  • 903 Cities


Additional Content

  • Phone Books
  • FOIA Contacts
  • SADBU Contacts
  • State and local agencies
  • Expiring Contracts- 2018
  • Agency Profiles
  • Teaming Partner data
  • Business to Business


For Suppliers and Providers of Products and Parts:

  • The only single system that contains solicitations and awards from all Military and Federal Agencies
  • Over 600,000 drawings
  • Search By NSN (National Stock Number)
  • Last Price paid back to 1963
  • DoD Forecast (2 years)
  • Marketing Review
  • Solicitations and awards updated 4 times daily including the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA)
  • Contacts for Primes and contracting officers
  • State and local bid opportunities from 2,200 State and local organizations



For Professional Service Providers


  • All solicitations, award history and contact data
  • Expiring Contracts for the next 5 years
  • Contact data for all contracting officers
  • Teaming contracts for all agencies