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So SAM Registration is the first thing you will see, hear, learn about, and register for whenever you get started in this crazy world of Government Contracting. Is it important? Yes. Is it necessary to be registered in SAM to participate in government contracting? Yes. But will it lead to repeat business? No. MOST businesses, especially small businesses, get started by getting a phone call from an agency that has found them online or heard about them in some way and needs their products or services. That agency official, be it a contracting officer, program manager, or contracting specialist informs said company that in order to be eligible for this purchase they need to get registered in the System For Award Management, or SAM. Mr. or Mrs. business owner then struggles through the registration process themselves never really understanding the system, or they hire another company to help them get registered so that they can be set up and ready for the purchase from their friendly neighborhood contracting officer. Most of the time this initial registration process is successful and allows Mr. or Mrs. business owner to sell their product or service to this agency once, or if their lucky, multiple times; However, Mr. or Mrs. business owner is left thinking that any time the government needs their product or service they can simply be looked up through SAM and the process will repeat itself. At Government Contract Gurus we make sure your DUNS, SAM and DSBS are aligned, optimized, competitive and visible.

Achieving Repeatable, Sustained Success Is The Goal

At Government Contract Gurus we help you get from registration through contract award, teaching you along the way how to repeat the process to achieve sustained success.
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Registration Support Includes:

  • DUNS Number Registration Assistance
  • SAM Registration & Optimization
  • DSBS Registration & Optimization

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Why Is The DSBS So Important?

Repeatable, Sustained Success

Achieving repeatable, sustained success means being found when an agency is searching. The Dynamic Small Business Search or DSBS is an online database that contracting officers are TRAINED to use during the “Market Research” phase of their award process. The problem is most people don’t know how to get properly registered and optimized in the DSBS because it isn’t required, it is completely voluntary.

The DSBS is not the prettiest search engine but it does allow a lot of flexibility in terms of searchable data. A contracting officer has the ability to search by state, congressional district, county, area code, zip code, socio-economic status, NAICS Codes, PSC Codes, CAGE Code, DUNS Number, company name, and most importantly KEYWORD. The DSBS allows you to enter keywords that you think someone would search to find you, kind of like google. If a contracting officer needs to find a construction company that is veteran owned in Arizona he can do that but if a company is not properly optimized they will not be found in that search. Properly optimizing your DSBS profile will allow you to be found and selected whenever an agency has a need that you can fulfill.

Do You Help With SAM?

YES. We will get you fully registered or renewed in SAM no matter the situation. Our registration experts know how to navigate each section of SAM making sure your company is optimized and primed for your next federal contract.

Will You Help Us Select NAICS & PSC Codes?

Absolutely. Our job at Government Contract Gurus is to make sure that your company is prepared for Government Contracting each and every step of the way. Selecting the proper NAICS & PSC Codes that represent your products and services is vital in having an optimized registration. Our registration experts will get to know your offerings and select only the codes that best match your company.

What About Non Profit Registrations?

The System for Award Management is not just for Government Contracting. Many organizations need to be registered in SAM for federal grants and other opportunities yet understanding the process is not as easy as it should be. At GCG we take pride in assisting non profits with their SAM Registration and will make sure to take the same care optimizing your SAM Registration as we would a Government Contracting client.