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The Government Procurement Strategy

At GCG, our goal is to prepare your company to be as competitive as possible so that you are able to attain sustained, repeatable success in the government contracting arena. The best way to get the most from our offerings is to purchase a GPS Package. GPS Stands for Government Procurement Strategy, and we feel that by taking advantage of our GPS Package you will be able to take your company to a new level of competitiveness. The GPS Package is designed to allow a small or medium size business to harness all the tools they need to gain momentum in the world of government contracting at an entry level price tag. The GPS Package consists of six of our many offerings or services listed herein. GPS packages are completely customizable so your company can pick and choose the services they need most and get the best return on your investment.

Pick Six Of The Following Services


GPS Package Includes 6 Services:

  • Government Registrations: DUNS, SAM, DSBS
  • R.A.D.A.R. Report
  • Government P.O.C. List
  • Proposal Writing Services
  • Website Development
  • Gov. Portal Registration Guidance
  • Consulting Hours
  • High Res. Logo Development
  • Brand Development
  • Social Media Advertising
  • Social Media Platform Development

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Our GPS Process:

GCG will help you select which services will help your company the most so that you can maximize your ROI and acquire the tools your company needs to achieve success. Call us today at (727) 437-0037 to speak with a GCG consultant about our custom GPS package and let the GPS take your company to success.

Our Top 3 Recommendations:

Government Registrations

Getting registered and optimized in D&B, SAM, and the DSBS  is the first logical step in becoming a responsible and successful contractor and goes a long way toward helping you establish repeatable, sustained success in the government contracting arena. To do business with the government you have to play by their rules and know the game well. Not only can you not receive money from the government without being registered in these key systems but your registrations will also be evaluated for risk factors and disqualifiers. These Government registration systems are heavily based on the FAR (Federal Acquisition Regulations) and require intimate knowledge of its legal code to insure optimized success. By answering FAR questions incorrectly you could be leaving federal dollars and awards on the table and based on the quality of the content of your DSBS and SAM profiles you present an aura of risk or reward to potential government buyers. Companies who get it right are evaluated five times more often than companies with irregular compliance or less than perfect registration status. GCG experts will not only review your contracting history (If applicable) and your registration profiles to make sure you are in compliance with all FAR regulations but we’ll optimize your registrations for success. Our experienced analysts know what Contracting Officers, Program Managers and Small Business Specialists want to see in a powerful company registration and we know how to entice them to see your company as a high reward, low risk solution.

Capability Statement Design

Every company who markets to the government will need a capability statement to send to potential government clients. Our Capability Statements are best in the industry and will help you stand out when competing. In fact, no matter who you talk to within the government contracting world, the first thing they are likely to say is, “Go ahead and send me your capability statement”. Our capability statements are the product of 10 years of experience in the government contracting industry. They are created by talented designers who are experts at knowing what Contracting Officers, Program Managers and Small Business Specialists want to see. We understand that you have to please all three of these critical points of contact within an agency office and you have to do it the first time around. You don’t get a second chance to make a first impression. In fact, you might never get a second chance if your capability statement doesn’t contain the specialized information which those points of contact need to see in order to solve their problem.  The secret sauce lies in understanding the job functions of each of those three key agency positions. Contracting Officers are less concerned with your product or service and more concerned with your technical and legal qualifications to satisfy a contract. Program Managers could care less about how you answered your FAR qualifications because they are mainly concerned with the technical aspects of your product or service and how it will best solve the agency’s problem. Small Business Specialists (And there are many different kinds) care about your Set-Aside Status, Socioeconomic Qualifications, Small Business Differentiators, and your qualifications to compete for the contract. Many times they can be your advocates but strategy is key to your success. Knowing who to target based on your contracting goals and having a capability statement that will please the key p.o.c.’s within a contracting office is crucial to maximizing your success in the world of government contracting. Even companies who have been winning contracts for 20 years can win MORE contracts with an optimized GCG Capability Statement.

RADAR Report

Now that you’re registered and you have a powerful new capability statement, who do you send it to? A good place to start will be the agencies and offices who buy the most of your products and services and the GCG RADAR will tell you just that. You’ll need to know who in the government buys what you sell, how much do they buy? How do they buy? Who do you contact within those agencies? Who are your advocates within those agency offices? How are these agencies buying now and through what kind of contracting vehicle or schedule? Who are your top agencies currently buying from and are there partnering/teaming or subcontracting opportunities available? These are just some of the questions a RADAR can help answer. Perhaps most importantly of all, what federal dollars are on your RADAR?

This is one of our products which can really help any company find success, whether you’re just starting out or you have been winning contracts for many years. With the intelligence provided by GCG RADAR you can discover new, untapped markets for your company’s products and services. Knowing which agencies spend the most on your products and services will allow you to target the bigger spenders and earn more federal dollars per contract. RADAR will also tell you which agencies issue the most solicitations, contracts and RFIs and RFQs so that you can not only win higher dollar contracts but win a greater multitude of smaller contracts a swell.

Even companies who do business with the government primarily through micro purchase can discover new agencies who purchase their products and services through a multitude of other procurement methods. GCG RADAR puts government opportunities in your line of sight and reveals how the federal dollars are truly being spent. Discover a whole new world of federal opportunities with GCG RADAR!

What’s Next

What you choose next depends on your company’s particular strengths and weaknesses. Some companies need a strong web presence while others might select an additional intelligence report with more agencies and points of contact to target. Some companies might benefit most from some additional consulting hours and others still might discover that the primary contracting vehicle for their products or services is something like SeaPort-e or DIBBS and further portal registration assistance would help them best. More experienced companies might choose our solicitation finder and proposal writing services and target the low hanging fruit of their industry. GCG will help you select which services will help your company the most so that you can maximize your ROI and acquire the tools your company needs to achieve success. Call us today to speak with a GCG consultant about our custom GPS package and let the GPS take your company to success.