In Fiscal Year 2014

Your Biggest Potential Client Ever!

The Federal Government is the largest purchaser of goods and services in the entire world. On an annual basis the government spends well over 400 Billion Dollars on everything from paper clips to submarine parts, a large portion of which is bought from small businesses like YOURS. The government actually spends A LOT of time actively searching for qualified, responsible, small businesses; so much time in fact, that congress created a special rule in the Federal Acquisition Regulations (The FAR) called the “Rule of Two” which states:

1.) If the contract is between $3,000 and $150,000, it’s automatically reserved for small business.

2.) If the contracting officer does not have access to at least two responsive, responsible small businesses, he/she is allowed to award to any qualified contractor through full and open competition.

3.) If the opportunity goes to full and open competition, the contracting officer must justify their decision. That justification is reviewed and accepted or rejected by other members of the acquisition team – including the Small Business Advocate.

The point is there aren’t enough small businesses that understand the process of competing and how to be found when an agency needs their products or services.

The Government Is Searching For You – How Will You Be Found?

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Through Targeted Research We Pinpoint Your Buyers

And Teach You How To Sell To Them

Stop Searching Through Endless Solicitations!

Did you know that less than 1% of total annual contracts are awarded from solicitations posted on Last year (FY2014) there were over 5 million contracts awarded yet less than 50,000 solicitations were posted on FBO. This tells us that agencies only use FBO when they can’t find a responsible contractor to solve their problem.

So how do you get in on the 99% of contracts awarded before they see the light of day? By understanding:

  • Your Market: Which agencies regularly buy your products or use your services?
  • Your Competition: Who do they currently buy those products or services from?
  • Competitive Pricing: How much do they currently spend on those products or services?
  • Forecasting: When are they planning on buying those products or services again?
  • Eligibility: Where do you need to be registered to do business with that specific agency?

At GCG our analysts work with you one on one to compile relevant data for YOUR company and deliver it in a way that will give you a clear path with attainable action items.

The Government Is Buying – Make Sure They’re Buying From You!

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“Go Ahead And Send Me Your Capability Statement” 

It’s The First Thing You Will Hear From Anyone Dealing With Government Contracts

First Impressions Are Everything!

No matter who you talk to within the Government Contracting world one of the very first things that they will say to you is: “Go ahead and send me your Capability Statement“. Your Capability Statement is your company’s resume. It explains who you are, what you do, and why you do it better than anyone else. Just as you would submit a resume to an employer when seeking employment the Government needs to see your skills, your experience, your relevant qualifications, and reasons why they should choose you over a competitor. All of this information can be found in a GOOD Capability Statement.

The problem is most Capability Statements are boring, hard to read, too long, and lackluster, and in the competitive world of Government Contracting, run-of-the-mill Capability Statements end up in the garbage can.

A GOOD Capability Statement should be a 1 page snapshot of a company. Someone should be able to understand what you do within the first 30 seconds of looking at it. Making information easily accessible through the use of links and putting your contact information everywhere increases your odds of being contacted. When the goal is to get picked up first, you need to stand out from the crowd.

Let Us Help You Make A First Impression That Lasts A Lifetime

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It’s Not About Being Seen As “Better Than The Competition”

It’s About Being Seen As The Only Solution To Your Audience’s Problem

Business Strategy For The Digital Age

Marketing isn’t just billboards and T.V. ads anymore. In today’s digital society the internet is the primary source for gathering information. This is especially true when it comes to government contracting. Solicitations are issued online, correspondence with contracting officers and small business advocates occurs through e-mail, contracting history is listed online, and you must be registered and certified for government work through a number of different government portals.

Having a strong and comprehensive online presence is a necessity not only to be considered eligible but to be COMPETITIVE. Contracting Officers are constantly looking for low-risk, high-reward options when it comes to awarding contracts. The more professional and polished your company is the better your chances are to get your foot in the door of this multi-billion dollar industry that is government contracting.

At Government Contract Gurus we understand the path and the strategy that’s required to achieve repeatable success in this industry.

It’s not about winning your first contract, or even your tenth contract, it’s about building your brand and reputation so that when an opportunity arises within a government agency, you are the first one on their speed dial.

Without Strategy Execution Is Aimless, Without Execution Strategy Is Useless

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